Tuesday, October 21, 2014

European Unicorns (or not!) @ TC Disrupt London

Exciting couple of days at TC Disrupt London: I had the chance of starting my Monday morning with an interview at Bloomberg TV "On The Move" with Jonathan Ferro and my Tuesday Morning with a panel at the conference led by Ryan Lawler.

Both discussions addressed the theme of European Unicorns  - ie can Europe produce large venture outcomes. A few years ago, the potential was real. Today, it has been realised as Europe has demonstrated its ability to generate multi-billion outcomes with companies like Supercell ($3B), Qlik ($2.5B), Criteo ($2B), Just Eat ($2.4B), King ($3.6B), Zoopla ($1B), Waze ($1B) among others...The questions is now turning into whether Europe can create $20B+ outcomes. Time will tell but all pointers are in the right directions. Unicorn are not supposed to exist but we are seeing a lot of them in Europe these days with the maturation of the European tech ecosystem. May be we should stop calling them Unicorns!