Thursday, December 28, 2006

Best Venture and Technology Podcasts for 2007

Being a San Francisco-Menlo Park commuter, I spend an average of 90mn per day on the road... I make the most of this time by listening to my favorite tech and venture podcasts.

Here is the short list for your 2007 travel time:

Wall Street Journal Tech News Briefing: My daily starter - a five minutes overview of the latest technology news and trends plus a rundown on technology stocks on the move

MarketWatch Morning Stock Talk : A 5mn snapshot of how the stock market is doing

CNET Daily Tech News: The daily news from CNET. More consumer oriented than WSJ - a nice complement.

Foo Casts: Podcasts from O'Reilly & Friends: A 30mn peak into the Web 2.0 world. Recent interviews include Jack Ma, Eric Schmidt and Jeff Bezos. New post every 3-7 days.

I innovate: a 20mn podcast on innovation and entrepreneurship. The bi-weekly podcasts feature interviews of entrepreneurs and silicon Valley leaders. Recent guests: Heidi Roizen (Mobius), Philip Rosedale (Linden Labs) and the founders of Meebo.

VentureCast : Bi-weekly anecdotes on the Silicon Valley venture world. Podcast: 40mn podcasts on Enterprise software. Unfortunately, Sandhill publishes new posts only around their conferences, but they have an interesting history of 4-5 podcasts. This is the only podcast I found on Enterprise software.