Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Apple in numbers

Apple posted some interesting numbers that I thought I would share with you, as some of them are mind-boggling:

400m card accounts linked to iTunes (this is now more than any other store on the planet, larger than the US population and close to 6% of the worldwide population!)

There are over 650,000 apps on the iOS app store, of which 225,000 are iPad only apps (this is an amazing stat show developers are now just focusing on iPad instead of iPhone)

Over 30B apps have been downloaded – with consumers downloading more than 50M apps a day. This represents more than 4 app per person on the planet

Over its lifetime, Apple has paid $5B to iOS developers compared to $12B to music labels – Apple now pays more to developers than music labels and will generate $5B in gross income this year.

By Q1’2012, there were 365M iOS devices in the market

Amazingly, apps are sending 7B notifications a day! Close to 20 per device...

SMS businesses are hurting – of the 365M devices, 140M use iMessage (Apple free messaging platform), sending 1B messages a day or close to 3 per device

130M devices now connect to GameCenter (which is basically Apple’s attempt to harmonize leader boards/stats across games

So, does this justifie a $560B market cap?

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Developer said...

iOS apps and games is a quite profitable market.